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Refreshing Hygiene Wash
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Refreshing Feminine Hygiene Wash
Refreshing Feminine Hygiene Towelettes
  • Cleanses away unwanted odor-causing bacteria without irritating or drying your skin
  • Leaves you feeling fresh all day long.
  • A ph balanced formula 
  • Gentle and safe for everyday use
A refreshing gentle cleanser designed for a woman's most sensitive area. 
Brings a refreshing start to your day.

Start your day feeling "fresca"... 
Get fresh with LaFresca® Towelettes designed to keep you clean and fresh no matter where you are.
  • Resealable package makes it easy to use
  • Gentle and safe to use during your period
  • Use before and after intimate occasions
  • Can be used in after, or in place of toilet paper
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